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Raphael Peters

Rust, Network and Web developer

About me

I'm a grad student in computer science located in Düsseldorf with an interrest in embedded programming, web development and network engineering.

I'm also a Rust developer mainly focused on network analysis and packing of vastly different types formats. I released a small command line utilities and some wrappers for network tools.

I operate a small hobby network (AS207968) which I use to gather infor­mation about the current state of the Internet on Layer 2-3.

My Curriculum Vitae

Stuff I build in Rust

Rust is my favourite programming language for sideprojects and CLI utilities. Even if I would like to recommend it, if you want do build the typical production ready microservice that should last some years, I wouldn't recommend it. If you have some patience, actix-web and the upcoming rocket release look very promising. For data conversion, fetching other APIs, database acess and some RPC frameworks (gRPC) it is mature enough.

As you can see, the projects I implemented with it belong almost all to one of these categories.


A command line tool that populates the $PATH variable. Batteries included.

# .bashrc/.zshrc/.profile/....
export PATH=`$HOME/.cargo/bin/pathfix`

rust-bgpq3 Released API docs MIT licensed Github

A Rust wrapper around the bgpq3 / bgpq4 command line utility. This is used to query the list of IP-Networks which are listed in a specific AS-SET or are allowed to be originated from a specific ASN. A bgpq3 / bgpq4 request ist spawned for each request, so responses should be cached. This library does not provide any caching itself. Requests are async.

rust-pixelflut Released API docs MIT licensed Github

An async + sync Pixelflut client + server library. The client part could fill a gigabit network interface without effort. A batch of pixels (for example a whole image) can also be optionally pre-encoded to minimize CPU usage. The server part should also be reasonable fast.

Webdev Stuff

The page you are looking at is designed by me. No template was used. Modern technologies like CSS Variables and Webcomponent are utilized. Currently, no external framework is used, except for webpack and some plugins to bundle everthing together.

Network Stuff - AS207968

I deployed a small educational network – AS207968 – using a virtualized software router in Frankfurt, Germany. This is basically a Linux VM with VLANs to two small internet exchanges, KleyRex and LocIX. As the routing software I use the Bird internet routing deamon. Peering configurations are applied using an Ansible script.